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VIP Norway Wines was founded by Dr. Constance Oterkiil, who had to complete a Master of Public health degree within Nutrition and a PhD within Leadership and Organizational Change before she realized that her heart did not belong to research and lecturing.

After a lot of soul searching and eager to realize her full potential, her passion for Nutrition, Wine and Design came together and formed what is now known as VIP Norway.

It all started in the beautiful mountains of Rauland, Norway where Constance picked wild Cloudberries, Crowberries, Blueberries and Lingonberries every fall. In order to preserve the unique nutritional contents of these Superberries, she produced nutritious extracts which she then used to keep her family healthy all year round. One day her fondness of Prosecco led her to experiment with mixing the two, and the combination of Organic Prosecco and her wild berry extracts blew her away!

This was something she wanted to share with the world, so she initiated a collaboration with the Italian winery Anna Spinato Wines who’s wonderful Prosecco she already loved and whose “wine family” she came to Adore! The winery now produces Organic Prosecco DOC and Sparkling Pinot for the VIP Norway brand and she refers to them as her “Italian family”.

Constance still uses the same traditional techniques when she produces her extracts for the VIP Norway products. Determined to ensure that the increased quantity does not affect quality, every drop is still carefully crafted by her with the utter most love and care.

The wine

Our high quality products contain a blend of the finest Organic Prosecco/Pinot from Veneto Italy and nutritious extract of wild berries from Northern Scandinavia. We currently have two products available “VIP NORWAY Arctic Cloudberry” and “VIP Norway Black Crowberry”

The Organic wine for our Vitality Infused Prosecco/Pinot (VIP) is produced by our colleagues at Anna Spinato Wines in Veneto. However while the wine is still developing in the tank, our natural berry extract is carefully blended with the organic wine in just the right amount at just the right time.

Production of the nutritious berry extract is a long and meticulous process. First, ripe berries are handpicked in the mountains of Norway and northern Sweden. The berries are then sorted to only include the best berries, and nothing else. We then receive the fresh berries and instantly begin the process of maceration, by combining the perfect balance of fresh berries and the finest Organic alcohol. After a few months in tanks, the mix of berries and alcohol is first pressed and then finely filtered. The nutritious berry extract is then stored in airtight stainless steel tanks to mature for a number of months.

When the berry extract is perfectly matured, it is finally transported to the winery in Italy and blended with their finest Organic Prosecco or sparkling Pinot. The Scandinavian berries we use grow wild in the mountains; hence they are not cultivated by man. They are handpicked in the pure mountains of Scandinavia in august/September, after months of ripening under the never setting midnight sun. Hence they are truly a rare delicacy even for Scandinavians, and especially to people in other parts of the world.

The Bottle

We have used 1, 5 years developing our innovative and luxurious Sparkling wine bottle. The perfectly slim design of the bottle had to be carefully crafted and thoroughly tested in order to make sure it could tolerate the high pressure of the sparkling wine inside.

Being able to create a slim and elegant bottle that would not explode during filling of the Sparkling wine or in the hands of the consumer was our main priority and the greatest challenge we faced. It took a lot of testing and fine tuning of the bottle design before we finally succeeded. The end result is a one of a kind design bottle that is luxurious and elegant in every single detail. The screw cap is truly a unique piece of jewelry in itself, and the final product is Pure Organic Luxury!

In order for the screw cap to look esthetically beautiful and give harmony to the overall design without the cap being too big, we chose a crown cap with the company logo underneath the screw cap to ensure a proper seal of the bottle. Contrary to a traditional mushroom cork which can be contaminated by TCA and spoil the wine, the crown cap also ensures that the quality of the wine in every bottle is maintained. The elegant screw cap can be used to reseal the bottle after opening ensuring that the wine is kept fresh, and can also be reused as a little flower vase or a decorative votive candle holder.